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How $1.50 Saved My Hair!

So this past month, my hair has become unrecognizable.  No, it wasn’t just the color.  The texture changed drastically on me.  It became dry, cracked, and looked like it would shrivel up and die on me.  I wish I was kidding, even just a tad, but it just kept getting worse.

Then the unthinkable happened – my shampoo stopped working.  I know that sounds absolutely ridiculous, but it stopped lathering.  I would use it every other day, and then one day, it just stopped lathering up into bubbly bubbles.  Even it gave up on my hair.

I did a ton of research on what could be the cause, and finally came to the conclusion my hair was in shock.  It needed resuscitation.

After some digging and great investigation skills on Makeup Alley’s website, I found out that just a simple wash from Suave’s Clarifying Shampoo (yes – the $1.50 bottle sold at grocery stores nationwide), followed by my regular shampoo and conditioner, would bring my hair back to life.



The stuff I used when I was a kid?

I mean – I’m an adult now.  I can shamefully afford $30 bottles of shampoo from fancy froo froo shops.  How can Suave solve my hair problem?

But I was desperate to get my hair out of its coma.  So what’s $1.50 and potentially sending it further into shock worth?


It worked!

And my hair came out of surgery (I mean, the shower) with new found life!  Suave’s Clarifying Shampoo lathered up real nice, and then my old shampoo decided it, too, could lather again.  It appeared my hair had too much product in it (too much protein maybe) and just needed a good rinse to loosen up all the build-up.

That $1.50 saved my hair from brutally breaking away!


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