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Whats Your Secret Weapon?

I was at an event recently, and after introducing myself, I was asked what the secret weapon for my success was. Taken aback, I gave a really lame answer that was cute at the time, but not indicative of what it really is.

Each and every one of us has a secret weapon we call upon in times of need. Some of us look to friends, others organize themselves further, and some eat ice cream.


For me, the secret to my success has always been my husband. Years ago when we were dating, he saw potential in me to be greater than I was. I didn’t see it at the time, but it was his mission to help me become the woman I am today.


In moments where I wanted to give up on my career, call it quits, he told me no. There were no options. It just wasn’t going to happen.


In times where I didn’t have the confidence to pursue my dreams, he believed in me. He saw that I could do it, even when moments when I couldn’t. He pushed me to be a better me.


I am fortunate to be at an amazing place in my career today. He didn’t go to work everyday and do the work for me. But he continued to push me outside my comfort zone so I would take big risks that have resulted in big rewards.


Having a secret weapon as my husband is an amazing gift. I can’t repay him for any of it. But I can be appreciative of all he has done for me in the nearly thirteen years we have been together.


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