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that time i… read a book in 2 days

I am NOT a fast reader.  I wish I was.  I wish I could zoom through books like my daughter (she’s a 250-page a day girl).  Unfortunately, it just takes me awhile to process, think, and comprehend the subject matter.  Throw in a non-fiction book, and that just sends me into snail speed.

So when I received this book by Jessica Turner, I knew it would take me awhile to get through.  I decided to schedule my reading when I had some “free” time in my schedule [read: when I would be stuck in an airport terminal for a few hours in between travelling].  What surprised me was that despite the subject matter, this was a quick, and helpful read.

The Fringe Hours: Making Time for You by Jessica Turner  is a book that helps you capitalize on your extra minutes or, even better, hours in a day – what Jessica refers to as Fringe Hours.  These little moments can be captured to make time for you (not your family, not your dog, not your JOB…. YOU).


The book, at times, was hard to get through.  Only because it was hard for me to acknowledge that I cannot be everything to everyone all the time.  The quote above really resonated to me.  I always consider myself a “Wonder Woman By Day | Super Mom By Night” – it is a badge of honor for me to wear.  And reading those words made me realize that its ok to not always be that.


Once I got over the fact that too often I don’t take care of myself, I was able to continue on and work through the book to find ways to start finding moments to take care of myself.



In my current home life situation, it is often hard to find time for just myself.  Outside of work and home, there is rarely a moment I get for just myself.  This book came at the right time.  It gave me permission to take a little time for me, so that I can refresh and be a better mom and wife.


Yes – this all sounds fluffy.  It is hard to describe the book beyond this:  if you are a mom or wife, this book is for you.  I don’t care if you work outside or inside the home.  If you prefer to sit on the couch and binge watch Friends or find crocheting relaxing.  Whatever it is that relaxes and recharges you, Jessica will help you not only identify it, but give yourself the permission to do it.   That’s what I needed:  permission to take care of myself.


Disclaimer:  I was provided an advanced reading copy of the book for review purposes.  The views expressed in this post are my own.


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