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that time i … decided to go into human trafficking

Ok, maybe not human trafficking, but I learned that I’m really good at selling people.  (That, too, sounds funny…)  Let me explain myself before the FBI comes knocking down my door!

I may have discussed this previously on the blog, but my day job is a lot of fun.  Actually, I have two day jobs:  marketing for an engineering firm and serving as President of a professional organization.  With the latter, I’ve been really fortunate this year to get to experience a lot of new things: getting over public speaking fears, travelling all over the US, and meeting a diverse group of people who share in my same passion for my industry.

But a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to experience another “first.”  Get up on a stage at a major event and serve as an auctioneer, selling the services of our industry greats, to an audience of 175 people.  With only 24 hours notice of this new thing, I had very little time to prepare just “how” to auction someone off.  Truly, I really didn’t prepare.

Instead, in my normal “Kim” fashion, I just winged it.  Someone before the event said I would be a natural:  I can speak really fast and I have a lot of energy.  So I played off of that.

It was a pure 10 minutes of adrenaline rushing through my body.  And up and up the bids were going.  No one had any idea how much money the organization would make, but I kept egging on the audience, and the bids kept coming in.  After all was said and done, over $2000 was made for our education committee, to help support educational aspirations of our members.

$2000 in 10 minutes.

Not a bad haul in a short period of time.  I guess maybe I was cut out for human trafficking – or at least selling one’s services for the purpose of fundraising.

While it was fun entertaining the crowd, I think I will stick to my day job, or jobs in this case.  Who knows what’s next in my year as President and what crazy thing I’ll be asked to do next.  If anyone needs a chocolate taste-tester, SOLD.


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