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that time… we engineered an egg landing

In Monday’s post, I talked about nearly getting trampled by Elk while we stayed at the YMCA Camp of the Rockies.  I also, vaguely, discussed that we enjoy staying there because of the family activities. The camp transforms you and forces you to get in touch with nature.  Nature and I have never liked each other.  I will say, we have a mutual understanding that if the bugs stay away from me, we can get along.  And luckily, at the Y camp, there are few bugs to harm me, especially this time of year.

The camp not only has great hiking trails, and plenty of places to just relax and watch the scenery, they also have great programming (for those City folk like me who require 24/7 entertainment).


The program building hosted Bingo.  We went 3 nights in a row… and only won 1 round of it the entire time.  We decided we are pro Bingo losers really.  It was a fun way to place small pieces of paper on a large piece of paper.  And practice our listening skills.  (Bonus for any mom out there!)

Next door, the Craft Center was a DIY fanatic’s dream house.  Filled with ceramics, tie-dye, leather making and more, this was a place you could spend half a day in, pouring over one project. Mini Me chose to work on a mosaic for her room.



I’m not going to lie, I helped only because I really like DIY stuff.






However, since it was Easter Weekend, the Y Camp had some extra activities planned for guests.  This made me especially happy since we had a few that were left at home (oops – mom forgot to pack everything)!
One was a very competitive, and all hands on deck, egg drop contest.  Once Hubby saw this on the schedule of activities, I knew we’d be there.  This McGuyver (or more like McGruver) stuff is all up his alley.  He just needs a paper clip and a piece of gum, and that egg isn’t going anywhere.  But since this was a KIDS event, the staff allowed extra items, like felt, bubble wrap, cardboard, and duct tape.
Oh dear – now we were designing a lunar landing for the egg.
I just sat back, became the assistant, and watched as my husband showed Mini Me the proper way to insulate an egg so that it doesn’t shatter when thrown up in the air, just in case it will be.
First, you wrap the egg inside the felt:




Then, the felt goes inside the bubble wrap, then egg carton.  Wrap that inside and secure with duct tape.
Then, ball up a TON of newspaper – probably about 3 sections worth of news, sports and the comics.  Crumple them up and secure with duct tape.  Not too tight, not to loose.  Just right.


Finally, to help with the lunar, I mean mountain, landing, add fins to absorb its fall.  Three sides of fins make up this contraption.


Next, is the big test.  Will it survive the fall?




We get to the edge of the balcony, only one story high, but we have rocks to contend with.




Well – did it survive the crash?



Yes it did.  In fact, it likely could have sustained a 5-story drop and not had a scratch.  Hubby over-engineered the landing.  But that doesn’t surprise me.  He likes to over-complicate things a bit.


It was still a lot of fun to work together, as a family, ensuring that this egg was not harmed.


Now these next eggs – well – they were harmed, and colored, and possibly eaten:




Because it wouldn’t be Easter, without a few dyed eggs.  And thanks to the Y Camp – we got to do those, too!


We had a great Easter / Spring Break up in the mountains.  Dad got his geek on in the egg drop contest and I got to dye eggs without all the messy clean-up.  Plus, Mini Me got her DIY on in the craft center.  Throw in some wildlife sightings outside our cabin and we’d say it was a pretty cool place to spend a nice long weekend.


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