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Veterans Day – 2015

Each year, millions of Americans gather on one brisk November day to recognize and honor those who have served in our nation’s Armed Forces.  Schools across the country participate in tributes to their communities’ members, inviting special guests to have breakfasts, while restaurants invite those same members to have a meal on them.  Parades weave down main streets, with little children waving to older generations, recognizing heroes of wars long forgotten.

Its wonderful that our communities reconnect with those who have sacrificed their lives to protect the freedoms of all.  But it is also sad that it takes one specific day in November for everyone to stop and think about those who make sacrifices the other 364 days of the year.  

As a military spouse, I am reminded daily of my husband’s service.  When I pull out my ID at the base gates, or the ratty old squadron t-shirts that I wear to bed when I miss him, or the old boots I find in a box in the basement.

But beyond my husband’s own service, I am part of a larger military community of significant others, who are connected by these commitments of our loved ones.  We share photos of tearful homecomings, and commiserate when they return later than planned.  We cheer loudly when a service member gets to return for the holidays, unexpectedly.  It is through our own communities that we honor our service members and their sacrifices every day that help keep our country standing tall.

Today, when you share your memories of your friends, siblings, parents and grandparents who have served, please remember to also think of their service on a random Tuesday in March, or a Friday in June.  We have thousands of members who still serve, who still deploy and who still make sacrifices each day to protect everyone’s freedoms.

This is #WhyWeSalute


I am proud to salute the Veterans closest to me, my husband, father, uncle and grandfathers and many friends (new and old), who have committed to protect our country’s freedom for many years.  It is because of our men and women in uniform, we can continue to sing, “O’er the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.”

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  • Nice sentiment! I served and my husband is currently serving so this really hits home!

  • Antonio Vereen

    I salute you and your husband! I just retired from the Army on November 1st. I feel like a Vet now. 😉