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1200 Miles Away | Fear and Happiness - a response to recent events

Fear and Happiness

I met my husband just days after 9/11.  Our country was full of uncertainty, and that fear resonated thousands of miles away from Ground Zero.  We, as a country, were reacting, without full knowledge of the situation – what happened, who was involved, how can we protect ourselves?

Years later, we have new enemies, but the same uncertainty exists.



Last Friday, tragedy struck one of our allies.  The same ally that stood by our side when our own country was hit.

What really resonated with me is how much fear was put back out in the universe Friday night.  People are fearful of travelling and going into public places; of visiting relatives, friends, and meeting over coffee.  We are allowing the fear of this event encapsulate us and control us, yet again.  The same fear we felt 14 years ago.

What helped us heal back then was overcoming the fear with happiness.

It was carrying on our lives with more vigilance, but also with spreading happiness.  It was smiling to a stranger on a subway, helping the elderly with their groceries, and being good towards others.

Our country rebuilt because good overcame evil.


So in light of the recent attacks on France, Beirut, and Iraq last week, let’s remember that if we were to stop living our lives and hide ourselves away, the others win.  Instead, let’s hold our heads high, look around, and spread kindness towards others.

Happiness will help us heal.

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  • Sophie Blakemore

    Thank you for writing this. I have been trying to find something to post since I first saw the news. I got as far as a throwback post yesterday but I’m stuck now.
    it’s lovely that someone can be so positive. And wise.
    Thank you. S x

    • I was really impressed with what travel writer Rick Steves posted on his facebook page on Saturday. That we can’t live in fear, and instead, we should continue to explore the world. Taking it to a micro level, being kind to one another is really just the beginning. Thank you for your kind words and for visiting.

  • Jamporter

    A beautiful message! I think it’s so important to highlight than love and happiness will drive us forward in life and in this world.

  • Great post, Kim! Zack and I were in elementary school when 9/11 occurred so I remember feeling a bit scared, but at the same time I didn’t fully understand it quite yet. Watching all the events in Paris over the weekend, especially as a military spouse, was pretty frightening. It’s hard not worry a bit when you go out in public or to crowded cities and events. Great reminder on stay positive and not letting fear rule our lives!

  • So true! We can’t let fear be our guide.

  • Kayla

    Great post. We should not let fear lead our lives, but instead share kindness.