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Through My Daughter’s Lens

When my daughter and I visit my husband in California, we visit beaches and do our best to make the most of our time together.  This holiday season was no exception.  However, for Christmas this year, Mini Me really wanted a camera to start capturing our memories through her own lens.  What conspired was what I thought very poetic views from our daughter, and for the first time in years, photos of my husband and I, together, in the same photos without a cell phone selfie.



























All of these images are straight out of camera (SOOC) and unedited.  I love all the photos she took of us, of the sea, and how she worked so hard to compose the images with the sunlight.  I can’t wait to what comes out of her shutter next.

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  • First off, the photos are stunning. How lucky your daughter is to have someone who supports her interests, and let’s her explore the world and express her vision of it in this manner! If you hadn’t told me it was your daughter’s work, I would ‘ve thought they were captured from someone with years and years of experience. My favorite is the seaweed & rock one (I could see it hanging in my office in black and white). I think the last one shows an artistic flare — can’t wait to see what else she captures!

  • These are fantastic photos!

  • Amazing photos!