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20 Ideas for Celebrating Valentine's Day without a Date

20 Ideas for Celebrating Valentine’s Day Without a Date

Valentine’s Day is a lovely day, full of pink, flowers, and romance – if you have a date.  But if you are like me, and find yourself without a date, try these 20 ideas for celebrating V-Day and treat yourself to a fun day full of indulgence, fun and a little bit of charity.


  1. Seek out an old book store, and buy a book in a section you wouldn’t otherwise gravitate to.
  2. Have Afternoon Tea at a tea house, with scones and all.
  3. Find your inner peace by attending a yoga class.
  4. Go see a matinee by yourself.  (How to Be Single anyone?)
  5. Take an indulgent bath – with all the good stuff.
  6. Watch a sunset – preferably from a mountain top, park bench or beach front.
  7. Buy a bouquet of your favorite flowers – no need to send yourself a cheesy note from a secret admirer.
  8. Declutter your environment and free up space in your life.
  9. Hop in the car and go on a mini road trip.  Grab a fun gal pal for an even more fun adventure.
  10. Grab old bread and feed the geese in a pond near you.
  11. Strap on ice skates and twirl around a rink for a few hours.  Makes a great workout!
  12. Disconnect from all electronics for 24 hours.  Go explore the world without distractions.
  13. Sign up for a cooking class at a local culinary school.
  14. Volunteer for the day – build a house, serve food to the homeless, or walk dogs at the humane society.
  15. Go to canvas and cocktails or DIY type joint and get your art on!
  16. Make a mug cake in your microwave and decorate with sprinkles.  Who doesn’t love cake?
  17. Fill your house with your favorite smell – light a candle, plug in a scent melt, or use essential oils
  18. Splurge on that one gift you have had your eye on for days, weeks or maybe months.  Treat yo-self!
  19. Get a blow-out, a mani, pedi and a massage – all in one day!  It’s been a rough week, right?
  20. Shake up a bottle of champagne, pop the top and dance with it.

What other ideas would you add to the list?

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