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Snow Day Superstitions

Snow Day Superstititions

I live in Colorado, and most people think we are covered in snow from November through April.  Nope, sorry, you must be thinking of Minnesota.  Instead, we like to think of ourselves as having Four Seasons in One Day.  The 300 Days of Sunshine rumor is also a measurement of our weather.  It will rain, get windy, then snow, and lastly, the sun will come out and melt everything, all in a 24-hour period.  If you live here, you just wear layers – every day of the year.

With that in mind, you’d be surprised how FEW snow days we actually get.  Since moving to Colorado in 2009, my daughter has had ZERO snow days, until this year.  Yep – 6 years running and NO snow days.  She might have 2-hour delays, but not a single day off.


She got really close once, the first year we were here.  There was a nasty storm that came in and the school should have been cancelled.  But funny thing, she was in year-round school, and the traditional track schools (all but 7 of them) were on Spring Break.  So kids from 7 schools had to trek to class while every other student in this large district didn’t have to worry about the ice and snow.

This year, though, this year, we have had THREE snow days.  It’s been amazing.

So what was different about this year?  El Nino you say?  No.  Mini Me disagrees.

It’s her.  It’s ALL her.  It’s because of her Snow Day Superstitions that have enabled kids from all across the Denver Metro area to take a day off from school, build snowmen, and go sledding.

Just like professional athletes and theater actors before her, Mini Me has a very sophisticated night before routine that has so far been foolproof.


1. It must be snowing

This one sounds intuitive, but sometimes its not.  Weathermen have to be estimating a significant amount of snow.  There are times we are expected to get 1-3 inches.  The next steps won’t work when you have a little snow coming down.  A blizzard must be on its way.

2.  Sleep in your pajamas – inside out

Um.  Yes, it’s itchy, but turn your pajamas inside out.  It doesn’t fully count if its a night shirt.  It’s got to be the long sleeves, long pants pajamas.  The cuter, the better.

3.  Put a spoon under your pillow

I don’t understand this one.  Doesn’t have to be a true silver spoon, but she tends to steal my teaspoons.  She hasn’t tried it with a plastic spoon either, so if you do put a plastic spoon under your pillow and it works, please let me know!  Maybe my spoons won’t keep disappearing.

4.  Flush 3 ice cubes down the toilet

This helps the clouds fill up with more moisture.  Somehow.  Its magic I suppose.  That’s just what I’m told.


She doesn’t waste these superstitions on the 1-4 inch weather predictions.  Instead, she has had a 100% success rate so far this season.  This past winter storm, we ended up with over a foot of snow at our house.  A week later, we still have ice on the roads in our neighborhood.  It’s all because of my daughter.  No really.


This season, we still are predicting more snow days.  Mini Me will be instituting these again in the near future.  Do your kids have snow day superstitions or other silly superstitions in order to get a day off from school?  I’d love to share them with my daughter so she can add them to the nighttime routine.  Leave a comment below to add to these superstitions.





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  • Cute! I like the flushing ice cubes down the toilet one. We haven’t had a lot of snow here either. Last year my kids had several snow days off.

    • kimberly

      I think the weather this year is a bit confused. Today, we were at 60 degrees and it felt like springtime. This time last week, it was 20 degrees. Let’s get it together Mother Nature!