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6 Things You REALLY Should Know About Mil-Kids

I am honored to be a regular contributor with Corvias Military Living.  This post was originally published on Corvias’ Blog Site .

In the theme of April’s Month of the Military Child, I want to share six great things about our mil-kids, because frankly, they are just so darn awesome!



  1. They have gained some incredible experiences

These children have traveled near and far and made friends with children from all over the country and possibly even the world. Some have lived in foreign countries barely able to speak the native language, and overcame adversity to thrive. They don’t grow up in one place with little diversity and only one set of views. Instead, they have developed a wealth of experiences and learned how to adapt to people, places, and situations.

  1. They are admirable citizens

They feel patriotism as they honor the flag their parents are protecting. So many are engaged in their communities, creating better worlds for the next generation, and proving that one CAN make a difference.

  1. They are brave

Pretty much every mil-kid have had to say goodbye to a parent knowing that they would be gone for a month or more. Most have had to do this multiple times and have learned to put on a brave face and pretended not to cry. Instead, they step up and take some of the load off of their parent left behind, being brave for both themselves and mom or dad.

  1. They never asked for this lifestyle

I have never met a military kid who woke up one day and said, “Hey Mom/Dad, can you join the military so I can move every 2-4 years and leave my friends?” It’s certainly tough for these kiddos to pack up and leave their friends behind, especially when it wasn’t their choice; but it is the lifestyle that they know.

  1. They are not broken

While our mil-kids might need some extra hugs to get them through some sadder nights; most of the time you might never guess one of their parents is deployed as they have smiles across their faces and big laughs. They definitely miss their parent every day; but they have grown strong throughout these training and deployment periods.

  1. They are resilient

Their experiences have fostered strength of character which creates opportunities to take on higher levels of responsibility. This resiliency will carry on through their adult lives and carry them through these periods of adversity to better days on the other side.

Above all, mil-kids are some of the most resilient, diverse, and extraordinary group of kids I have ever witnessed. They are uniquely bonded to each other, and have special characteristics that help them overcome challenges. Instead of feeling sorry for the lifestyle they live, give them a big “high five” for how awesome they truly are.

What would YOU add to the list and what would you say about your own mil-kid?  Leave a comment below and share!


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