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Upcycled DIY Nautical Headband Shows Off AcneFree Face

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Happy Monday everyone!  Today, I am pleased to hand over the reins of my blog to Mini Me.  She will be 13 next month (oh.em.gee, I have a teenager in my house…)  so independence is huge for her.  I’ve backed off from the morning nagging and she’s taken on a lot more responsibility in her self care.  Just like most teenagers, she’s going through that awkward acne stage where pimples and zits just keep coming at her.  Thankfully, we recently tried a great new 3-Step line from AcneFree  available now at Walmart that helps re-balance acne-prone skin!

Today, she is sharing her thoughts on AcneFree and its ability to improve her morning acne treatment routine, and even created a tutorial on a beautiful, easy DIY nautical headband that helps her show off her AcneFree face.

So take it away, Mini Me!




Hi everyone!

I have been invited by my mom to talk about the well-known issue that all tweens and teens face…acne. This is one of the major issues while going through Middle School and High School, especially if you have oily skin that follows you everywhere.

Now we all know the main rule for keeping your skin clean is wash your face when you wake up and before you go to sleep, but for most of us, we need more than that process to keep our skin squeaky clean.  That is why I was excited to learn about the new AcneFree New Three-step Daily Skin Therapy Line.

While doing my usual morning routine for the long day, this new Acne Free process minimizes what would take me over 15 minutes to get all of the creams and gels and moisturizer down to about 5 minutes, and we all know we need those extra few minutes for sleeping in!

AcneFree Three Step Process:


Step 1 – Daily Skin Therapy Acne Wash


Wake up in the morning and refresh your skin with Step 1 of the NEW AcneFree Daily Skin Therapy System.  When you use the new skin therapy system, you put a dime-sized drop on your damp face and spread it all around.This Dermatologist tested, soap-free and clean rinsing formula removes dirt and oil deep down to the pores and purifies the skin to help prevent breakouts.  The pore targeting formula and patented avocado extract technology helps reduce my oil and shine.


I used Step 1 with the AcneFree Sonic Advanced Cleansing Duo brush.  The brush delivers 8,000 pulsations per minute! The pulsations are channeled through a soft, comfortable silicone head to gently exfoliate your skin and remove dirt and oil.  What I love the most is that the brush is nonporous and easy to clean – it can even be used in the shower!


Step 2 – Daily Skin Therapy Pads
While you are using Step 2 of the new skin therapy system, you take a cleansing pad out of the container and rub it on your whole face. These great new pads unclog pores and tone your skin, while the soothing menthol leaves your face feeling refreshed and clean.  

Right as  I opened the package, the yummy smell of fruitiness hit me and I just couldn’t help but continue to smell the pads. Compared to the many other products I have tried, they have always carried a sour smell to them, but the new skin therapy AcneFree system makes me want to continue to use the pads!




Step 3- Daily Skin Therapy Complexion Perfecting Cream
When you open the packaging to the complexion perfecting cream, you have to push the top down and then the cream comes out. You use a pea size of it and rub it into your face until it sinks into the skin. This cream has added skin conditioners and humectants help keep the skin moisturized, and my skin felt super smooth afterwards.  I couldn’t help but touch how smooth it was.


DIY Nautical Knot Headband Tutorial

Typically, while I am going through my morning routine, my hair is all over the place.  So, my mom and I decided to do was make a up-cycled t-shirt headband that is productive for keeping hair out of my face during my morning routine, and quite fashionable for going to school!


Up-cycled t-shirt or tank top
Glue Gun


  1. Cut the bottom off the shirt.  Cut 2 strips, 2″ wide.  (hint:  make sure not to cut the seams – leave them in tact)
  2. Gently stretch the 2 strips
  3. Lay out one like a fish, and place the second strip over the fish
  4. Place the tail of the second strip under, as shown
  5. Take the top end of the second strip and weave it through, as shown
  6. Gently pull all ends to create the knot
  7. Gather one strip and place a row of glue, then put the connecting strip to it and secure.  Repeat with the other two ends.
  8. Wear, happily!


So how did she do?  I am so happy Mini Me has added this to her routine.  It helps make our mornings go a bit smoother.   Try the new AcneFree Daily Skin Therapy Line, now at Walmart to get healthier looking skin so you can put you best face forward!


For product information and savings, visit  Follow AcneFree on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and show us how your AcneFree is easy as 1-2-3!

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