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Wait – I Have a Teenager?

Hold up.  Time for a reality check here.  I have a teenager.  I am having a life changing, what is going on, oh my gahd moment over here.

That could explain my absence lately because I’m hiding out, under the covers denying the very existence of this moment.  I may also be in my bathroom putting wrinkle cream under my eyes.  You laugh, but I am.  Amazon has it in bulk.  


My absence could also be explained by the amount of time spent arguing over minuscule things like Mini Me’s insistence on wearing mismatched tennis shoes.  She’s trying to start a trend.  She’s taking mismatched socks up a notch.  I’m trying to pick my battles, but come on.  Two different colored shoes?  It just makes me look like I have no clue what’s going on.

I could also explain my lack of presence on spending more time keeping up to date on the latest drama at school.  Its amazing how much can really go down in one school day.  I mean, do these kids learn anything?  The biggest drama during my day usually centers around someone not refilling the coffee pot.  That is a tragedy, I’m telling you!

You get where I’m coming from?

Take toddler years, add in an adult vocabulary, melodrama attitude, and roller coaster emotions, and welcome to parenting a teenager.

I finally figured out why there are so many more mommy blogs about toddlers than teenagers.  Because by this point, we all just hide from our teenagers – who can read every word we write, comment on them, hate us for a week, and then hold a grudge for months.  A toddler just throws themselves on a floor for a few minutes, and then gets distracted over food and moves on.  And lucky for mom, they can’t read anything written about them, so mom can get their thoughts out in a productive manner.

But its not all bad – in fact – having a teenager is also a lot of fun.

My daughter and I have a lot of fun.  We can go do things on a whim without worrying about nap times or bedtimes.  We have similar tastes in movies, though she also LOVES comic book movies, like her dad (I’m a bit – eh – about them).  I feel so much more freedom compared to other mommy friends of mine.  Hanging out on a Saturday is a lot more relaxing than ever before.

Birthday parties get a little bit more intimate, and more adventurous, too.

Take this past weekend.  We had about 7 of Avery’s closest friends out in Downtown Denver for an Urban Scavenger Hunt.  Two teams with parent chaperones roamed the urban frontier finding key landmarks and interesting artwork and facts to gain points.  3 miles later we ended up at a Historic hotel – hot, sweaty, and happy.  OK, so all of us were also exhausted, because it was a LONG way around the area, but I would have never thought to do something like that even a year or two ago.

We customized tanks for each team – super fun for the kids, but incredibly practical from a parent standpoint (easy to spot them when they ran off!)


Then, everyone came back to our house for a taco bar.




S’mores roasting – because what summer night doesn’t have that?


And then, the whip cream came out and kids got pies in the face.  Hey – it was outside!


If that wasn’t enough sugar, the cake came out and Hubby joined us on Google Hangouts to sing an off-keyed version of the Birthday Song.  It was fun for him to see her friends, many of whom we’ve known for years, and one in particular he hardly recognized.  (She’s grown up!)



Seriously – its just a lot of fun having teenagers in my house.  These kids still like to dance around, sing at the top of their lungs (SORRY NEIGHBORS!) and watch movies.  They were going into their finals week at school, so it was perfect timing to have a little bit of fun before the stress ensued.

After they all went home, I took a 2-hour nap.  Because I definitely am not as young as I used to be, and I was still feeling the burn from the scavenger hunt.

Now I just have to cope with the idea that in 3 years, she will be driving and in 5 years, she will be in college.

Someone HOLD ME!


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  • Happy Birthday to her. I have an almost 12 year old so this is right around the corner for us.

    • Its such a scary place to be as a parent, and as a kiddo. They are going through so many changes. For some reason, I’ve blocked out that time in my own life, so I’m having to relive it and say, oh yeah, I went through all that. It’s completely normal! Good luck to you!!

  • Happy birthday to your baby! Love seeing a teen birthday online! Great job. I’d love to tell you it gets easier, but since I have forbidden my family from mentioning what happens after the graduation party we’re throwing my oldest in three weeks, I guess I have no good advice other than to say enjoy every minute!!!