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Adulting is Hard

So, I realized that I haven’t been active on this blog for a month.  And while I would love to say I took a months’ long vacation in Cabo or Fiji, instead, I was just taking some time off to “deal” with life.  Because, well, Adulting is freaking HARD!!

Consider this my “back to blogging” post.

What have I been up to?  Well – take a look!


Mini Me is now a teenager

Maybe the biggest change in our household has been the arrival of a sometimes moody, sometimes grumpy, oftentimes sweet teenager.  We ended the school year a couple of days shy of her thirteenth birthday, and to celebrate the momentous occasion, we took a vacation to California.

I don’t take enough time off to celebrate things, but this time, we just HAD to go to Universal Studios and visit the Harry Potter experience.  It did NOT disappoint.









Holding down a career is not as easy as it looks

So many military spouses lament at the idea they can’t sustain a successful career.  I get it – its hard when you move every 2-3 years.  But even if you are lucky to be one who stays in the same place for years (I’m going on 7 myself), it still is hard to juggle a career with raising a family.  But this is the same argument Working Moms have had for decades.

I am constantly pulled in a bazillion directions, and at times, I feel like an utter failure – either to my company or my family.  I look at it as a scale – when one side is up, the other side goes down.  I’m still trying to find my happy median where both work and life don’t clash.


We rented our house, again

We own an investment property, and each summer, when the lease is up, it gets a little scary, financially.  Owning several homes requires a lot of foresight and ability to balance our finances when one property is up for a new lease.  I’m happy to say that it only took 1 showing to rent out our place.

Yesterday, we said, “goodbye,” to our amazing tenants who are moving out of state, and on Friday, we’ll say, “hello,” to our newest family.  Many people prefer to go through a property management company, and let them do the selecting, just to collect a check every month.  We are hands on landlords who get to know the families that live in our property before we commit to the lease.  We spent YEARS renovating the house (primarily because Hubby and I disagreed on finishes) and now we want to make sure our tenants take good care of our investment.

It can be a lot of work turning over a home in a day or two, but we are fortunately to have minimal wear and tear on the house.  Still, my nights this week have been taken up with the house.


I’m headed back to school

Seriously, you guys.  This is a big, scary, new adventure for me.  In fact, I realized, I haven’t been a “student” for 10+ years.  Alright, maybe that’s an exaggeration – because I’m a constant learner in my profession, and even stepped foot back in a classroom last October to complete additional coursework for my career.  But the idea that I am finally taking the plunge and deciding to devote the next 2-3 years to school is still a big deal.

If you’ve been following along, Hubby will still be away for another 2 years, and I will be raising our teenager as a solo parent, plus holding down a 50+ hour a week job.  So deciding to add one more, gigantic beast to my schedule is huge.  Luckily, my family supported this decision completely, and my parents (who live an hour away), have even stepped up to say they will help as needed.

I think education is incredibly important, and I want to set a good example for my daughter.  It was time I stepped up, bit the bullet, and applied.  Now I’m in full scholarship/grant search mode.  Any suggestions you have in this arena?  Let me know!


What’s next for our family?

July will be an incredibly busy month.

I will be attending another advisory board meeting for MFAN (Military Family Advisory Network).  I’m especially excited for this meeting, as we will be introduced to Mental Health First Aid for Military.  Think of it as a CPR course for those in mental health crisis.  So many great reasons to get certified, and I’m proud to be a part of this organization constantly helping other military families better their lives.

Mini Me will be off to camp – again.  This time, she is going away for a week and a half and will be roughing it in the wilderness a few nights.  I will be sending her camp packages, as I’ve done in recent years, but it gets harder and harder to find cute things for her that don’t take up a lot of space.  She still enjoys funny socks and small activities, but I don’t think I will sending a package a day to her.  She can rough it!

And for the first time in many, many years, I am attempting to camp in a tent with my friends.  I’ve already warned them that I may end up sleeping in my car instead of the tent, and that I’m deathly afraid of bugs.  So that will be an interesting adventure, to say the least.  Wish me (and my friends) luck!

After camp, we’ll get to see my husband again, right before school starts up in August.  We might head to Six Flags California for a day just to enjoy the thrill rides (though mom stays firmly planted on the ground – no roller coasters for me!)

It’s been a difficult month.  I feel like every day is a trial, and I wake up wondering what challenges I will face.  I’ve been trying to be positive, but when you keep getting knocked down, its hard to get back up again.  (Nice little Chumbawumba reference for ya!)

Do you have any suggestions for helping yourself get back up again?  I’m looking for any ideas on juggling work and life.  LEAVE A COMMENT below with your ideas – or feel free to commiserate with my new obstacles.




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