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Bad Luck

It’s just bad luck.”

Those four words stuck to me more in the past week, than any other saying has in the past six months.  Spoken from a sarcastic doctor in a tiny emergency department room, it was the enlightenment I truly needed to realize what I had been through.  It also was the clarity I needed to say, “it’s not you, it’s me.”

Truly, if I could fully comprehend what my last six months compounded, it would sound more like Days of Our Lives, and less like a sane person’s recollection of their memories.

And frankly, some of it is more private than should be shared online, in print, for the entire world to consume.  So sadly, many of the weird, zany, crazy details that would make a daytime TV actress blush will not be shared here.  But the more sane side of it will help you catch up with why I’ve been absent for 6 months, and hopefully get me back to posting regularly.  Because frankly, it’s all:  “just bad luck.”


Instead of vague-booking this post, I will answer a few questions that could possible be swirling and twirling in your head:


  1. Am I still happily married?Absolutely.  No big D word here.  Though the guy can drive me nutso like none other, he’s still mine.
  2. Am I still 1200 miles away from Hubby?

    Absolutely, sadly.  Yep, he’s still there, I’m still here.  But! And there’s a big But! (I like big butts, and I cannot lie…. haha.  Sorry….)  we’re committed to seeing each other a lot more frequently.  In fact, we saw each other in October, November, December, and January.  Woo!  That’s like a 1200 Miles Away record here!  We spent two whole holidays together – Thanksgiving and Christmas.  So frankly, that’s been absolutely wonderful!

  3. Did life just get in the way?

    Yes. and then some.  I lost my grandmother, and nearly lost my dad (he’s doing great, now though!)

    Shortly after that family stuff, I decided to go back to school, and woah, was that an adjustment.  If I thought I was busy raising our daughter, working full-time, volunteering, and trying to keep it together, I just turned it up quite a few more notches.

  4. So what was bad luck?

    Health, work, and you know. Life.  One week ago, I resigned from my position at an amazing company with people I absolutely love for an opportunity to bring my family together with a new company.Days later, as I was in training mode and trying to transition out of my old job and into my new one, I found myself under the weather.  I ended up driving myself to a hospital ER with abdomen pain, convincing the entire ER department that I had appendicitis.  The team was prepping me for surgery, determined that I was spending the night there


    After a CT scan to just verify what everyone thought to be true, the unthinkable happened.  I didn’t have appendicitis, but instead, an infection NEXT to my appendix.  Something people over the age of 50 get, not someone my age.  Hopped up on morphine, the doctor tried to figure out what may cause it.  “Anyone in your family have this?” “No.” “How about eating habits?” “Well, I’ve been eating salads a lot.” (truth, by the way!) “Well, it’s just bad luck, then.”

    This was the worst time for me to get sick, because my days were numbered, but hey, I guess that’s life.


When you don’t have time to get sick, you do.

When you think you can’t take on more work, you do.

When you think it can’t get worse, it does.


2016 was a bad year for many people, and I’ll add myself to that list.  When December 31st hit, I was incredibly happy for it to be over.  I was full of hope for this year to start off on the right foot, to start a new chapter, to have new beginnings, and put aside some bad endings.

My January wasn’t completely roses and rainbows, but I’m happy to say it was a ton better than each of the twelve months before it.  So hopefully, I can say that this year will be on a better journey than 2016 was.

  • Gah! I hope you’re feeling better and now that you’ve had your spate of bad luck, here is to lots of good luck!!