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Happy Galentine’s Day | MILITARY EDITION

Valentine’s Day without your significant other can be a rough holiday.  Expressions of love at your favorite store can bring out more sadness than romance when your significant other is miles away.

Why not celebrate “Galentines Day” with your favorite Gal Pals who have stood by you as you “other” significant other while yours happens to be, well, somewhere else?


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Bad Luck

It’s just bad luck.”

Those four words stuck to me more in the past week, than any other saying has in the past six months.  Spoken from a sarcastic doctor in a tiny emergency department room, it was the enlightenment I truly needed to realize what I had been through.  It also was the clarity I needed to say, “it’s not you, it’s me.”

Truly, if I could fully comprehend what my last six months compounded, it would sound more like Days of Our Lives, and less like a sane person’s recollection of their memories.

And frankly, some of it is more private than should be shared online, in print, for the entire world to consume.  So sadly, many of the weird, zany, crazy details that would make a daytime TV actress blush will not be shared here.  But the more sane side of it will help you catch up with why I’ve been absent for 6 months, and hopefully get me back to posting regularly.  Because frankly, it’s all:  “just bad luck.”


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