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7 (+1) Awesome Halloween Gifts for Tweens

Somewhere between the age of 10 and 11, something magical happens – your “little one” grows up and no longer goes trick or treating with a chaperone.  They may opt for the more grown up “party” at a friends house, or stick with handing out candy at good ol’ mom and dads and scare a few mini monsters.

This time of their lives doesn’t preclude them from still getting a few “treats” in their lives, so I have put together a quick list of gift ideas, perfect for your maturing ghouls and ghosts, who may still, deep down inside, want to celebrate with their parents. (more…)

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The Toddler Years (Part Duex)

I’m going to go out on a limb here and proclaim that I am sorry.  I am sorry for taking pity on you and your toddler.  Instead, I now envy you.

You may not realize it, but as I have perused through the aisles at Target, I have seen your toddlers throw themselves on the floor over wanting a stick of cheese. I have watched as you plead, beg, and negotiate with your little terrorist whose demands are making you look like a fool.  Through all your horror and desperation, I’ve seen you look at me with a glimmer of hope still in your eye, as I pass you by. (more…)

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5 Ways to Stay Connected When You Are No Longer Connected to a Base

Being a geo-bachelor spouse means you disconnect from a base.  Your spouse no longer is attached to your closest base.  You haven’t quite made it to their attached base, so you haven’t had a chance to meet the new spouses.

The same thing happened to me when my husband was stationed in Korea for a year and I chose to move back home to pursue a degree.  I disconnected from my previous base, but I hadn’t moved to our follow-on either.

So how do you stay connected to the military world when you are no longer connected to a base? (more…)

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that time i….started nesting

I am the type that likes to avoid change.  I say that I’m a pure millennial and will take it head on, but realistically, I’m the worst military spouse you could ever want.  I want stability.  I want constant.  I want security.

So a few weeks ago, my blog went dark.  That’s because when things start changing around me, I go to that deep, dark place inside where I don’t want anyone to visit.  I stop communicating, I close up, put up my walls, and tell everyone to “leave me alone.”  In facing my flight or fight reaction, and its safe to say, I’m on a one-way flight to Bermuda right now.

Why the change?

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