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Every Girl Wants to be Pretty

I was the quintessential girly girl growing up.  The one who enjoyed dresses that twirled around and loved to dance around my living room.  Like many young ones, it was my dream to grow up to be pretty.  To have the admiration of those around me.

This will sound vain, but I felt my self esteem was based on others’ opinions of me.

What I didn’t know, was that self esteem was based on what I thought of myself instead.   Instead, I cared so much about what others thought of me. (more…)

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First Middle School Dance – My Nordstrom Shopping Experience

6th grade is full of all new experiences.  One of them, we are taking on this week for the first time:  the first middle school dance.  Every parent’s mind is filled with images of the gymnasium – boys on one side, girls on the other, punch bowl in the middle.  Everyone is too scared to dance with each other, so they just dance with their friends.  I am really hoping its going to be like that for my daughter’s first dance.

It doesn’t excuse the fact that I still want my daughter to look cute for her first time.  This is not a formal dance (thank goodness), but I still wanted her to look a little more put together than her usual clothes.With a little research, I found that Nordstrom’s had an amazing juniors section with very age appropriate clothes and many dress choices under $50.  Perfect for a budget savvy mom!


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Birchbox – September 2014 Review

 I was so excited to get my second Birchbox subscription box in the mail last Thursday.  I was stalking the mailbox waiting for it to arrive.  I had so much fun with my August 2014 box, that waiting 2 weeks for this one (on its regular schedule) was just BRUTAL.

So brutal, that Mini Me trekked to the neighborhood mailboxes, in the bitter rain, to retrieve this box.  And then tried to claim is as her own (finders keepers anyone?)

Now I was a little bummed out – I missed getting to select 1 item for my box (missed it by a couple of hours), so I was praying to the beauty gods that I received good products and not duds.  Did my praying pay off? (more…)

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