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that time … my closet went on a diet

I know what you’re thinking.  You cleaned your closet.  Here’s a medal.  (insert sarchasm….)

But all kidding aside, this time its a big deal.  Not only is cleaning out my closet a big deal, I’m going to tell you why its a big deal for you, too!

I’ve heard rumors that on Monday mornings, when all of us are attempting to get ready in the morning, the most terrible thing happens.  We have NOTHING.TO.WEAR.  We peek into our filled closets, looking at racks of clothes, yet, nothing can be put together to frame a full ensemble.

This was my dilemma week after week, morning after morning.  I would lay in bed running through my closet in my head trying to put together a workable outfit.  “No, that dress is in the laundry.  Nope, those pants are still at the dry cleaner.  That shirt doesn’t fit me. Right. Now….”

And then.  It began.


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that time i….started spring off right

I’m linking up with AndreaNarci and Erika for our Friday Favorites this week!  If you are visiting from the linkup – welcome to my crazy neck of the woods (or suburbia – that’s more like it!)   I’d love for you to say hello in the comments!  And if you are wondering who I am, take a peek at my About Me.  If you REALLY like me, go ahead and add me to your Bloglovin account or Google Friend on the side there – yep, right there on the left side.

Spring is in the air.  Or if you live here in Denver, its sometimes here, sometimes not.  It could be Winter, or Summer, or possibly Fall.  We’re Colorado.  We can get Four Seasons in just a 24 hour period.


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that time… she read seven books in seven days

When your daughter is grounded from all electronics, she is bound to resort to one of two options: sit and stare at her wall for hours or read books. I got lucky that Mini Me wasn’t about to be bored. But a new responsibility has fallen on me during her recent incarceration: shuttling her to the library every week to refresh the stacks of books.

Since I have such a voracious reader, I thought I would put together a nice mother-approved reading list that still is “cool” enough for a middle schooler.  Here are our recent “picks.”


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