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One Year Later

I disappeared this summer, for good reason.  I needed to clear my mind, I needed to make decisions and I needed to reevaluate if being a geo-bachelor wife was really for me.

Wait.  Before you get all, “oh my gosh, they’re getting a divorce” on me, stop right there!  That’s not what I’m saying!  Instead, let me remind you, or explain to those newer to my blog.

One year ago, when my husband moved out to California, I made him a promise that we’d give this lifestyle a year.  A year to see where I was at in my career, where Mini Me was at with school, and where he was at with the distance.  Instead of us taking this head on for four years total, we decided to bite it off in more manageable chunks.  One year still was a lot to take in, a lot can happen (and did), but it was a lot better sounding to all of us.

So now that the year has passed, what did we decide?  Are we staying or are we moving?

Before I divulge our decision, let’s look back on what we’ve been through as a geo-bach family:


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that time i….started nesting

I am the type that likes to avoid change.  I say that I’m a pure millennial and will take it head on, but realistically, I’m the worst military spouse you could ever want.  I want stability.  I want constant.  I want security.

So a few weeks ago, my blog went dark.  That’s because when things start changing around me, I go to that deep, dark place inside where I don’t want anyone to visit.  I stop communicating, I close up, put up my walls, and tell everyone to “leave me alone.”  In facing my flight or fight reaction, and its safe to say, I’m on a one-way flight to Bermuda right now.

Why the change?

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photo 1

that time… daddy got a bonus trip

I often get asked, “how often do you guys get to see your husband?” and that is a difficult question to answer for us.  It isn’t like clockwork, every 4 weeks he comes home.  Sometimes, it has been 2 months spacing, other times, it has been 2 weeks (like the case of January).  It just depends on what his schedule is, my schedule is, and Mini Me’s school schedule.  Its a complicated system, very similar to when the eclipses happen.  Stars aligning and such.

So after we had a great time over Mini Me’s Spring Break, we were expecting to see him “sometime in May or June.” That’s how we say things, “sometime in ___.”


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