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7 Deployment Confessions from the Spouse Left Behind

7 Deployment Confessions from the Spouse Left Behind

I admit, I put up a great front of a spouse who’s got it together. In fact, I’m holding down a 50+ hour a week job, I drive carpool three times a week, and I never miss a school activity. But seriously, I cut corners like you will not believe.

Today, I give you some of my craziest deployment confessions of things I have done to survive my husband’s absence. In fact, I don’t even know if he’s aware of all of these himself. Oh well. Survival of the fittest?


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13 Years and Stronger than Ever

Today marks Hubby’s and I’s 13th wedding anniversary.  Many would say thirteen is an unlucky number, but in fact, it has proved us completely lucky over the years.  In fact, we were married on the thirteenth of October – a date known to have the most Friday the Thirteenths in history.

In honor of our thirteen years of stubbornly staying together, through thick and thin, I bring you: (more…)

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7 Questions to Ask Before You Geo-Bachelor

I often get asked the question, “what made you decide to stay behind?”  I typically laugh, because, well, its a loaded question.  I can’t say there was one thing that truly made my family and I decide that by staying behind, it would be better for us.

But there are definitely conversations or decisions you can have to help your family decide if you should go “full geo” – or geo-bachelor – families separated by distance, not by love. (more…)

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