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Why I Didn’t Need to Give My Kid a Cell Phone

This post was NOT sponsored or paid for.  In fact, I really liked the product so much, I had to write about it!

My daughter is in middle school, and by this point, every.single.kid has their thumbs firmly attached to a cell phone.  Well, every single one except for mine.

Go ahead, tell me I’m a parent of the dark ages.  Tell me how my kiddo is suffering, and this will land her on a therapist’s couch when she emancipates herself at age 17.  I realize how traumatizing this must be for her (there is sarcasm in those words, I promise you).

But growing up closer to the technology age, I also realized how easy it is for technology to get out of hand.  How easy it is for her or any other kid to misuse this privilege.  A cell phone is not a right bestowed on a six-year-old, it is a privilege granted to a teenager when they have shown they can respect technology rules.

So, for the past several years, I have heard a litany of reasons why my daughter should own one.  It started as a way to communicate with her friends, and recently ended in, “please, don’t let me be uncool.”  While the last reason certainly tugged at my heart string, it was not enough to make me go to the nearest Verizon store and buy her an iPhone 6s (we all know that is what ALL the kids own, right?) (more…)

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The Toddler Years (Part Duex)

I’m going to go out on a limb here and proclaim that I am sorry.  I am sorry for taking pity on you and your toddler.  Instead, I now envy you.

You may not realize it, but as I have perused through the aisles at Target, I have seen your toddlers throw themselves on the floor over wanting a stick of cheese. I have watched as you plead, beg, and negotiate with your little terrorist whose demands are making you look like a fool.  Through all your horror and desperation, I’ve seen you look at me with a glimmer of hope still in your eye, as I pass you by. (more…)

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that time… she read seven books in seven days

When your daughter is grounded from all electronics, she is bound to resort to one of two options: sit and stare at her wall for hours or read books. I got lucky that Mini Me wasn’t about to be bored. But a new responsibility has fallen on me during her recent incarceration: shuttling her to the library every week to refresh the stacks of books.

Since I have such a voracious reader, I thought I would put together a nice mother-approved reading list that still is “cool” enough for a middle schooler.  Here are our recent “picks.”


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that time… mini me wore daddy’s sweatshirt

Being a military child is tough.  I can’t imagine what my daughter is going through, but I will say this:  she’s a real trooper.  She doesn’t complain about the distance, she doesn’t whine about the time apart (ok, not too much), and she tries to be a great military kid, even when she doesn’t think anyone understands.

Her friends have a hard time understanding why her daddy is away, why she lives here, and its hard for her to talk about it.


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