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Vacation Packing Tips - Organize Clothes By Color

Vacation Packing Tips From Someone Who Dreads It

If you were to ask me my absolutely worst domestic task, it would be laundry, followed quickly by packing for vacations.  If procrastination had a face, it would look like me.  Its funny, because last year, I averaged at least 1 trip a month, so you would think I’ve got this packing thing down pat.  But I’m typically found, on the floor of my bedroom, sometime around 11pm the night before a flight leaves, paralyzed by fear that I will forget something.  So, instead, if I just don’t pack anything and try to postpone the inevitable, it will all go away.

But it doesn’t.

So how do I break my vacation packing paralysis?  With these vacation packing tips, sure to help anyone get out of their biggest dread of packing. (more…)

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Staycations for Military Families: Central California Coast

Central California Coast is best portrayed in the movie Sideways.  Its a blend of Tuscany and Coastline.  I’m always amazed at the lush agriculture this region produces, many of it wines, and it’s a second “Napa” for those who don’t want the pretentiousness of that region.  Its laid back like California should be, not pretentious like other regions have grown to be.

This is the region my husband lives in, so visiting him is not only a treat in the sense I get to hold him tight, but also it is really a vacation.

If you are stationed or visiting friends in California, head up (or down) the 101 towards Santa Barbara, and you will find some beautiful countryside, straight out of Italian cookbooks.


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Staycations for MILSOs: Monterrey, California

I just got back from a week of visiting my hubby in Central California (the fly over area).  After visiting several times, I’ve really discovered some great spots for military families in the area (or those wanting to visit).  Hashtag ItsSoAwesome  Hashtag ImNotKidding

Throw in family beaches and gorgeous sunsets and this region of the Golden State is ripe for a staycation.

Just an hour south of San Francisco or 5 hours north of Los Angeles, you’ll find Monterrey.  If you are coming from Southern California, may I suggest Amtrak?  It may be quicker on a Friday night and a whole lot less stressful.

So where to?  What do you want to do?  What’s military friendly?  I’ll show you through my trial and error (wait – adventures never have error, you just learn), so you, too, can enjoy this splendid region.


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How To: Travel the Country By Rail

I admit it.  I’ve read the Harry Potter books.  I’ve watched Polar Express about 50+ times.  I’m a train fan-girl.  There is something about travelling the countryside by rail that is so… well…  quaint.

This past June, I enjoyed a lovely 36-hour train ride from Colorado to California.  It was an amazing experience, spending a day and a half travelling across mountains, plains and the desert until we reached the ocean.

Many of my friends questioned why I wouldn’t just fly out to California.  Why would I want to spend so long in a confined space?  Well, I say, “why not?”

Here’s a quick how-to if you feel brave enough to join me in the train traveler’s club.


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that time… we engineered an egg landing

In Monday’s post, I talked about nearly getting trampled by Elk while we stayed at the YMCA Camp of the Rockies.  I also, vaguely, discussed that we enjoy staying there because of the family activities. The camp transforms you and forces you to get in touch with nature.  Nature and I have never liked each other.  I will say, we have a mutual understanding that if the bugs stay away from me, we can get along.  And luckily, at the Y camp, there are few bugs to harm me, especially this time of year.

The camp not only has great hiking trails, and plenty of places to just relax and watch the scenery, they also have great programming (for those City folk like me who require 24/7 entertainment).


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