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Welcome to 1200 Miles Away – a lifestyle blog devoted to married life, military life, and mom life.  Here, you will find real stories, with a real perspective, and real positivity.  I don’t sugar coat life, but I do try to see the bright side of things.

I began blogging in 2014 when my husband received military orders to move 1200 miles away from me, from Colorado to California.  The distance hasn’t always been easy, but it has been an adventure, and that’s what I love.  A good journey with good stories to tell.

I am a Southern Girl at heart, grits, gravy and all.  I can’t function without coffee or caffeine, and then I run full speed at 200%.  If I were an animal, I’d be Tigger.  My dream is to retire to Cabo and have cabana boys fanning me somewhere cozy in the shade, so I can avoid a sunburn on my porcelain skin.


Who ARE these people?

Hubby” is an active duty Air Force member, who enjoys quoting movies and poking fun at me in his free time.

Mini Me” is a budding artist (slash) singer (slash) athlete who just keeps me on my toes.

Diesel” is a chiweenie who makes cameos in some of the photos.  He tends to be camera shy.

Kim” is, well, me!  I liken myself to a Wonder Woman By Day, Super Mom By Night. Sunset Chaser. Tear Drop Catcher. Boo Boo Kisser.


A few more tidbits about me personally:

Think of these as having a lot of spinning plates at one time, and hoping one doesn’t fall down.  

A few of my favorite posts:

I love to collaborate on projects that meet the needs of my audience!  If you are a brand or company and are interesting in working with me, contact me on any of my social channels.