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My Story

I live 1200 Miles Away from my husband.

Why would any sane person do such a thing? Well, first off, I never said I was 100% sane, and secondly, because it just made sense. 

You see, my husband is active duty military, and when they tell you to move, you just – well – move. But this time, I didn’t. It’s not that we’ve fallen out of love or our relationship is over, in fact, we’re stronger than we ever have been. It’s that we’re thinking of the long-term investment, and 4 years across a whole lifetime is really not that long. 

He moved to California for his job and I stayed in Colorado for mine. Schools were just better in Colorado for our daughter. We had just bought a house a mere 3 months before we found out about the orders. Again, I dare say. It just made sense.



So my tween-aged daughter and I live in Colorado, and my loving husband lives in California. These are the adventures, musings, and life stories of us living 1200 miles away.