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Stability and More: 5 Reasons Why I Love Military Life

This original post was first published on Corvias Military Living.  I am excited to be a collaborator for them.

If someone asked me when I was young, who I wanted to marry, I would’ve said someone tall, dark, and super handsome.  Ken.  I wanted to marry Ken.  As I got older, my tastes became more refined; I wanted someone to make me laugh.  Will Ferrell may not be the most handsome man, but boy could he make me laugh so hard, I would cry.  But nowhere in my dreaming of a prince did I think, one day, I will marry my hero, a man in uniform, an Airman.

Growing up in a military-centered town gave me the distinct pleasure of knowing what I was getting myself into if I were to fall in love with a military man.  While I will be the first to admit, I fell madly in love with the last person I ever thought I would, it has been nothing like I thought it would be. (more…)

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