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Weekend Wrap-up – Good Vibes

I don’t normally discuss my weekend’s activities.  Usually, it looks a bit like this:  laundry, cleaning, Netflix marathon, rest, repeat.  It’s rather boring, really.  Sometimes, I mix it up and go out to dinner with my neighbors while my daughter hangs back with her friends. Yes, that’s the excitement of my weekend.  I’m just a tired little mama by the time Friday rolls around.  I admit it.

But this weekend was different.   So very different.  In fact, get ready for a warm and fuzzies, good vibes post, coming right at ya! (more…)

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[Giveaway] Old Spice Hardest Working Man Collection

Last week, I shared how my husband and I are putting sweat equity into our newest home in California.  It was so much fun to show off some of our hard work, and certainly, show off my own Old Spice Hardest Working Man.


Now its your turn!  Today, I am giving away a full Hardest Working Man Collection Kit, complete with a toolbox, new Old Spice products, and more.  Want to win one for your own Hardest Working Man?  Keep reading!


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Putting Blood, Sweat and Tears into our Newest House

About a month ago, I mentioned we bought ourselves a new house.  This is our fourth house we have purchased, and our second one to undergo renovations.  What was super exciting for us is this will be my husband’s place for the next few years and then turn into an investment property after that.  While it wasn’t his “dream home,” (read:  move in ready) this house certainly has great bones and a lot of potential on the back-end for us.

As a military family, we are constantly thinking about the future.  What will we do when he retires in 4 years, what assets will we have, and how will we afford our daughter’s college?  So investing in property has been a great way to build our retirement plan long-term.  However, the only way we can see our investment grow is through hard work, blood, sweat, and tears; emphasis on the sweat part.  We like to call it “sweat equity.” (more…)

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Stability and More: 5 Reasons Why I Love Military Life

This original post was first published on Corvias Military Living.  I am excited to be a collaborator for them.

If someone asked me when I was young, who I wanted to marry, I would’ve said someone tall, dark, and super handsome.  Ken.  I wanted to marry Ken.  As I got older, my tastes became more refined; I wanted someone to make me laugh.  Will Ferrell may not be the most handsome man, but boy could he make me laugh so hard, I would cry.  But nowhere in my dreaming of a prince did I think, one day, I will marry my hero, a man in uniform, an Airman.

Growing up in a military-centered town gave me the distinct pleasure of knowing what I was getting myself into if I were to fall in love with a military man.  While I will be the first to admit, I fell madly in love with the last person I ever thought I would, it has been nothing like I thought it would be. (more…)

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