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Work With Me



Why should you work with 1200 Miles Away?  I admit I started this blog to be a release from the daily pressures of being a working mom and holding down the fort with my husband’s absence.  But it grew into a way to connect others who have similar interests to me; who were going through similar experiences.

I live each and every day by a simple mantra:  you put out into the universe by which you want to receive.  For me, this has always included helping others.  I do it in my professional life, and I do it personally.  I strive to help every person who comes to my blog, who asks me a question, who reaches out to connect.  They have a purpose for their visit and I want to help them.

When brands work with me, they are working with a person who understands human behavior, the inner need to connect.  I tell stories through humor.  I give my audience the real me, imperfections and all.  I never take myself seriously, and I show the vulnerable me.  This is the best part of being human – the connection.



I work hard to connect with my audience, whether responding to comments, questions or emails.  I appreciate the time and attention each of them takes to reach out and connect with me.

My average reader is a female between the ages of 18 to 44.

I consider myself a lifestyle blogger with a focus on parenting and relationships, and therefore have readers from every niche.



I have successfully collaborated with brands, large and small.  Services to promote your brand include:

  • Reviews and Giveaways
  • Collaborations
  • Product Features
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Freelance Writing

I gladly accept and welcome PR samples but cannot guarantee placement of a product. If the product is something I love and think my audience would love as well, I will gladly discuss pricing and different sponsorship options. Each collaboration is tailored to creatively share your product with my audience and show them how much I genuinely love it and use it!

Media kit is available upon request.